Apr 25

Spy photos! Santa Cruz Kayaks releases a SOT based on their unique Raptor kayak

I’ll preface this by saying I’ve been intrigued by the Santa Cruz Raptor since its inception.  A unique footprint coupled with the stability of an aircraft carrier, it seemed obvious to me there’d eventually be a shift from SIK to SOT as the original platform lends itself well to such a layout change.

I was recently talking to Santa Cruz founder Jim Martin, who wears all hats at Santa Cruz from designer to fabricator to PR man.  He sent over these early pics of his newest creation.  This as-of-yet unnamed beast came to me with an early list of features including a built-in live bait tank with pump (tank doubles as storage area).  There is also a center storage box and accessible bow hatch.   Jim also designed the bow to be a bit wider thus increasing the bouyancy level of the kayak.

I’m sure we’ll be hearing more about it very soon.  Stay tuned but for now here are the early pics…

Wider bow

Side by side comparison, cockpit

Side by side comparison

Side by side comparison


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  1. Jim

    got out on Saturday on my first trip on the Raptor Sot.. Only spent a couple hours mostly paddling although I did bring a rod. The kayak paddled well. I was able to stand up and fish. I have 2 ocean kayaks and have not been able to do that. You can move around quite easily with out fear of hitting the drink. This is a great kayak for someone wanting a stable platform to fish and still have some speed to get where you want. I did have some wind and waves and it did very well into both!

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